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Oulton Park Test

Oulton park is a track I like, it's not necessarily one of my favourites and it's probably not my strongest circuit in terms of results but it is a fun track to ride so I was really looking forward to getting up to the official BSB test..

I had hoped to have some parts ready to test but unfortunately they weren't ready which was a bit annoying but nowhere near as annoying as having some of the Stock 1000 guys out on track in our session, some where dangerously slow and I nearly had a couple of big collisions, it's so hard to judge what they were going to do so you ended up just sticking it up the inside of them and hoping they wouldn't turn in on you which to be frank was both dangerous and in my opinion a completely unnecessary situation to have to be in anyway, at one point I think it was said that there were over 60 bikes on track!!! Getting back to the parts now that my little rant is over I guess not having the parts there to test keeps potential in our pockets a little for later in the season. Last year we knew that the configuration I had to ride yesterday simply didn't work yet we were kind of stuck with it so we chipped away over the first couple of sessions trying hard to improve the bike, we did a pretty good job too but I was keen to try another chassis part that we ended up having to race last year and the year before, it never feels great having to go backwards but after a few exits with our oldest swingarm in I was getting pretty comfortable, I did a fairly decent lap time that I thought was going to be pretty much good enough for P1 although I eventually in the dying moments dropped to third but for me it wasn't so much that I was particularly happy with the lap time I was more happy with the fact that I felt like I could continually bang in fast lap after fast lap, as I said I ended up P3 but we know why, I'll take a good feeling and roll with it and look forward to going back to Oulton park for round 3 of the Championship in a little over a week's time, how to see you there, take it easy, Shakey #67


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