It’s been strange in some ways. Yesterday was a great day and my first flying lap was 0.7 seconds quicker than I’ve ever been around here on the Ducati before. That shows the work we’ve done with the bike has been good and we’ve gone in the right direction.

Today we went a lot faster again, but without really pushing or trying for the lap time. We did a really fast lap with a used front tyre and a new rear. I wish II had put a few front in and had a really good go at it to be honest. Conditions haven’t been great today, it’s been very greasy and nobody really went that fast.

We did a couple of practice starts in the final session which was rained off, I even nicked the wheel out of the front of Glenn’s bike as I had a new front tyre in mine and I had visions of falling off on a cold tyre at turn one after a practice start!

Apologies to the team again for chucking it into the ground after eight laps yesterday, but ultimately we have gone 1.9 seconds quicker than we went with the Ducati when we first came here in 2016.

Now we head to Monteblanco, which is a new circuit for me and I’m quite excited. When we get there tomorrow we’ve got a day off so Glenn and I are going to cycle from the hotel and learn the track and then we’ve got three days on track there.


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