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Feb 08, 2016

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knockhill2 RD5 2015

Knockhill BSB round 5 2015…

Knockhill, the tight, twisty, busy, intense no rest at all little circuit just outside Dunfermline, people say you can quite easily see all four seasons in a day and from memory they’re not wrong, it’s a funny little place and all you can recall is rain at some point during the course of any given …

snetterton2 RD4 2015

Snetterton BSB round 4 2015..

Seems very very strange being sat here at Knockhill after a night of heavy rain, winds and storm thinking i know what i’ll do to kill some time in the morning, i’ll do a Blog, only to realise that despite the fact Snetterton ie the last round was such a strong one for me i …

Oulton Park 2015

Oulton park, round 3 2015!

Having tested up at Oulton and finally getting the chance to go through some proper testing i was really looking forward to round 3, i was pleasantly surprised by my pace at the test the week before as whilst i’ll not deny i pushed on new tyres to achieve the lap time i achieved the …

Another day another dollar, well pound but that doesn’t sound right lol pic.twitter.com/tdt2IG5dLf