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snetterton2 RD4 2015

Snetterton BSB round 4 2015..

Seems very very strange being sat here at Knockhill after a night of heavy rain, winds and storm thinking i know what i’ll do to kill some time in the morning, i’ll do a Blog, only to realise that despite the fact Snetterton ie the last round was such a strong one for me i …

Oulton Park 2015

Oulton park, round 3 2015!

Having tested up at Oulton and finally getting the chance to go through some proper testing i was really looking forward to round 3, i was pleasantly surprised by my pace at the test the week before as whilst i’ll not deny i pushed on new tyres to achieve the lap time i achieved the …


Oulton park test..

I think it’s fair to say that i was really looking forward to the official BSB Oulton park test, reality is and was that it was essentially my winter test program and it would be the first real chance to fire some ideas at the bike that didn’t have to be well and truly on …

Cool @MSVTrackdays day going on here today, cars and bikes, some quicker than others!!! Welcome back @JHopper21 pic.twitter.com/jVZW4myCax